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Don’t Waste Your Money On These Beauty Products

Most women buy expensive skincare products thinking that a hefty price tag is a guarantee of quality. While this may be true in some cases, most expensive beauty products are simply not worth your money. Here’s a list of products you shouldn’t splurge on.


Almost any cleanser is good enough to remove makeup and dead skin cells from our faces, so there’s really no reason to splurge on luxury cleansers.

Cellulite-reducing creams

We’d all like to get rid of cellulite, and if these creams actually worked we probably wouldn’t have to think about it anymore. But the truth is that these creams are only a temporary solution that may hydrate the skin, but can’t really remove cellulite.


Cheaper shampoos are sometimes just as effective as expensive ones, so the price won’t make much of a difference when it comes to this product. We rinse the shampoo after a few minutes, so it’s best to invest this money in a quality conditioner instead.

Costly anti-aging products

We know that most anti-aging products on the market are pretty expensive, and the question is—are they worth the money? Most dermatologists agree that there’s no evidence these products can actually reduce wrinkles. Wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is still the best way to keep our skin healthy and youthful.

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Virtual Dating Events In London – Here’s The Deal – Smudged Lipstick – Smudged Lipstick

Virtual Dating Events In London – Here’s The Deal

Dating events in London have VIRTUALLY changed. I guess the events world has changed in general and we, as a business need to move with said change.

It’s a reality we find ourselves in, and one I never actually thought I’d be excited to make.

This week we launched our first ever online event series “Behind the Black Mirror”. It’s something I’d put off hoping the situation would change and we’d be able to run a lot more offline events sooner. Alas, with the new “rule of 6” coming into play…… This is not the case.

What Now?

Smudged Lipstick started with the ethos of doing cool, quirky offline events to un-glue us from our phones. Things that are fun where we can all just enjoy the moment for what it is and be completely present 100% of the time. I never wanted any online events we run to be “same old same old”…… Just the thought of doing a “virtual speed date” sounds about as much fun as punching myself in the face.

Sooooooo we’ve taken what we do offline and transferred that online. Whilst the atmosphere of 150 people in a cool bar in Shoreditch may be impossible to replicate, we’ve made sure that our online events have that same relaxed vibe and amazing hosts that we’re famous for.

And the Events……

Taskmaster Virtual Dating is our first dating event, though there will be more quirky online dating events coming soon. We had so much fun testing it, some of the tasks are hilarious and we can’t wait for the first one on the 7/10.

Whilst online events aren’t for everybody. I can’t encourage you enough to get involved and do something a little bit different. We’ll be running more offline events as soon as we’re able to, but in the meantime stay safe and thanks for all the support.

Jordi and the Smudged Team.

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Free Virtual Blind Date – Felitia and Shaun – Smudged Lipstick – Smudged Lipstick

Free Virtual Blind Date – Felitia and Shaun

Times they are a changin’. The days of having a completely blind date are gone as the temptation to digitally stalk every person who’s ever walked the earth is just way too great.

Anyway, we sent Shaun and Felitia on a VIRTUAL blind date where they literally knew nothing about each other. Let’s see how they got on…

So, what did you think of your date?

He Said: I think my date was very beautiful,  had a lovely voice and great smile. Was easy to talk to and seems like a really decent girl.

She Said: I thought that Shaun was a friendly, nice guy and easy to chat to.

What were your feelings about not knowing ANYTHING about your date?

He Said: I was intrigued to see who I would be matched with. Slightly more worried as to how they would receive me.

She Said: In my normal dating life these days I personally prefer to have an initial facetime session before meeting in person these days – much less awkward and time-efficient (!) although slightly different as I would have already ticked some criteria off my list as opposed to a blind date…

Did you find that as the date went along it was easier or harder to find things to talk about (in comparison to meeting via an app where you’ve already had numerous conversations about each other’s interests)?

He Said: We spoke more as the date went on….. As the tasks encouraged us to get to know each other.

She Said: It was something different, so I just took it as it came. The tasks definitely helped.

Did you find you were evenly matched?

He Said: I think the matching was great from my perspective.

She Said: Unfortunately he isn’t the kind of guy that I would go for, but it was a pleasant session nonetheless.

Did you enjoy having some quirky activities to help break the ice?

He Said: I think the activities were fun. But I think we were too focused on getting them done. Also, as you can see, my drawing skills are horrible so it was a bit embarrassing…… Especially when her drawing was so good

She Said: I thought that the date was fun, and the tasks did help to break the ice a bit.

Do you think it made the date easier or harder via Zoom?

He Said: Zoom was easy to do and I enjoyed it. Obviously it would have been different in real life. It was cool though, I liked it.

She Said: It was slightly less daunting blind-dating online via Zoom I must admit.

Aaaaaaand, million dollar question – do you think you’re going to see each other again?

He Said: I would very much like to find out more about her and see what happens.  I’m definitely interested if she is.

She Said: No, unfortunately, but I had a fun time.

If you would like to get involved and haven’t registered  – sign up here!

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