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M.A.C. to Offer Free Lipstick on National Lipstick Day

If there’s one thing that’s better than M.A.C. lipstick it’s free M.A.C. lipstick. I mean, who would pass up a tube of your fave shade, especially when there’s no price tag attached? It’s definitely a no-brainer.

And if you’re anything like us, we probably had your attention at “free M.A.C. lipstick,” so get ready: the makeup company is celebrating National Lipstick Day on Sunday, July 29 by giving away over half a million free tubes in stores (U.S. and Canada locations only). All you have to do is show up at a local M.A.C. store or retailer to pick up your free full tube (read: not a sample size) from a special nine-shade selection. And in case you’re wondering if this is too good to be true, there’s no catch or fine print.

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar, set a reminder in your phone, do what you have to do. The promotion begins this Sunday and will continue throughout the day (while supplies last). Your lips (and your wallet) will thank you.

If you’re looking for other places to score free lipstick on Sunday, you’re in luck because several retailers are celebrating. Winky Lux is offering a free tube of their Plush shade, which is a deep pink, with any purchase on their website. The brand 100% Pure is offering a free lipstick of your choice with any purchase over $100, but just make sure to use the code LIPSTICK. Stila Cosmetics is offering buy one, get one free of their Stay All Day liquid lipsticks on their website.

Get ready to celebrate one of the best days of the year with some new lipstick. You won’t regret it, trust us.

Now, learn how to do floral lip art in under 60 seconds:

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Techniques for applying lipstick

Image:© Subbotina Anna/Fotolia

According to professional makeup artists, the best way to create the sensual lips effect is to apply the lipstick directly out of the stick. Using your fingers or a brush will dilute the color which defeats the purpose.

Here are some more advices on making your lips beautiful:

Begin applying the lipstick at the middle of the lip and draw it outward. Use patting motions instead of strokes for a fuller coverage. Do not apply any lipstick to the corners of the mouth, because it is very easy to smear and you will look like a clown. You can fill in the corners of the lips with a lip liner in the same color.

In order to be precise when applying the lipstick do not contract or twist your lips too much. If you are frowning you will not be able to achieve an even spread.

After applying the first coat of lipstick, press a tissue to your lips and then brush them with a powder brush in order to remove the excess lipstick and create a long-lasting base for the color. Now you can apply a second coat, but do not rub your lips together after that, or else the color will smudge.

Red lipstick requires more care, precision and corrections than the more neutral tones, but the sexy, provocative effect it creates is totally worth the extra effort.

Not everything is that easy.

How do you correct the unnerving little mistakes you make while applying red lipstick? Here is how:

When there is color on your teeth, first remove it with your fingertips, tissue or a small makeup pad and then apply a tiny amount of Vaseline over them for better protection.

When the color looks as though it is leaking outside the contour of your lips, dab a little makeup remover lotion on a cotton ball or pad and carefully rub the lipstick outside of your lips until you completely erase it.

If you have left a colorful imprint on the collar of your man’s shirt, spray the stain with hairspray and leave it for 10 minutes. After that, wipe and rinse. If this does not work take the shirt to the dry cleaners immediately.

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Red lipstick for the femme fatale

Image:© Olga Ekaterincheva/Fotolia

Lipstick in blood-red, claret, scarlet or wine-red will give your lips a slightly pouty yet very attractive look. Each of these nuances has the potential to transform your whole appearance giving it a look of unquenchable passion and turning you into a true femme fatale.

Celebrities such as Scarlet Johansson and Christina Aguilera borrow this look from a time past and are successfully transplanting it to the present. What celebrities in the past and present have in common is that they absolutely trust their bold and daring look and feel completely comfortable as the center of attention.

Red lips are and have always been a symbol for the fatal female attraction, overwhelming charm and presence that cannot go unnoticed. They are the final stroke, the perfect finish of the perfect look of a woman who is determined to be remembered.

Many women refrain from using red lipstick because they see it as a rude way of attracting attention to your lips and thus to your sexuality. However, the impression your lips will make depends on the application technique and the texture of the lipstick. Your lips can be either finely emphasized or boldly highlighted. Either way you will have the benefit of the charm that red lipstick is sure to impart.

If you use red lipstick with blue undertones it will make your complexion brighter, your teeth whiter and your eyes more sparkly.


If you are striving to achieve a more intense color, first you have to apply pencil lip liner in the same tone as your lipstick, or a tone darker than the natural color of your lips. Apply the first layer of lipstick with a brush and dab it with a tissue. Apply another layer. Finish by dabbing a little bit of lip gloss to the center of your lips. This will make a more alluring look.

Choosing the undertone that will best go with your skin is truly a challenge and a very important decision. Red with bluish undertones looks good on pale skin. If your skin has pink undertones, go for red lipstick that is close to the violet side of the spectrum. Dark skin will be flattered by the golden, orange and brown nuances of red.

In order to look good and have the perfect makeup the key word is balance. If you want to draw attention to your lips let the rest of your makeup be discreet (in beige or pale pink tones). For a more dramatic appearance you can combine red lipstick with a few layers of extra volume mascara. Now curl your hair in large curls and you will look like Marilyn Monroe.

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